School Portrait Photography

Our School Portrait Program is designed to provide high-quality school portraits at affordable rates.

Schools receive all of the same services they are accustomed to while parents receive high-quality, affordable pictures.

As your local option, ask how we can better serve your district.

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Our Process

School portraits have been a tradition for several decades, but that doesn’t mean the process needs to stay traditional.

Order forms are a hassle to handout, fill out, and return on Picture Day. That’s why we have decided to allow parents to securely view and purchase all of their children’s portraits from the convenience of their computer or phone.

Parents receive an email with a secure link to view and purchase pictures of only their children, making the ordering process safe and a much better experience! Plus, they choose their favorite smile or expression – not the photographer.

Schools also receive the services and products they need to make the school year a success (and less work)!

Here are a few of the service items we provide:
ID cards
Yearbook CDs
Admin CDs
Sticker Strips
School Directory
And many more…